How Outdated Is Your Classic Mason Jar?

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To satiate your curiosity, we’re serving up a pint-sized history of the Ball Mason Jar. Other colours are identified,  however not so easily found, including cornflower blue, straw yellow, olive green, olive amber, blackish olive, darkish yellow amber, light green and medium green. Some of those colours could be identified beneath other/different names – depending on who’s describing them! There are numerous shades and tints of those colours out there. If you’ve the chance, you would possibly try attending an antique fruit jar and/or bottle present, where some of these unusually coloured jars may show up for sale or in shows. Many slight variations are seen, with the exact lettering orientation simply barely  noticeably completely different from one example to another, such because the spacing, top, width, depth of cut, of particular person letters.

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Also, there were numerous variations in the way the Ball identify brand was written, those modifications occurring a quantity of instances over the space of a quantity of decades. The brand imprinted on each jar is, by far, the easiest and quickest method to decide the approximate age your Ball mason jar. I’ve created a pinnable reference guide that particulars all the main logos and their manufacturing dates.

Kerr glass manufacturing corporation

The Atlas Mason jars were amongst some of their most necessary products. These old canning jars are available in a variety of completely different kinds and often characteristic the Atlas name somewhere on the glass. Newer jars have been made by other companies after Hazel-Atlas stopped manufacturing them within the Sixties, but the oldest jars are among the many most valuable. The Ball Perfect Mason was a model of glass fruit jar (canning jar) made by the Ball Bros.

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Kerr glass manufacturing firm (“corporation” after , renamed kerr group, inc, in 1992

I thought kerr jelly jars was a courting of drinking glass and I truly have that type.. I knew you have been a treasure trove of information on canning jars. Very interesting concerning the “Kerr” model jars generally and I recognize having a narrower timeframe on the possible relationship of manufacture it’s about what I had imagined. I’m positive the numbers on the underside would assist narrow that down further, for my jars jar. Thank you for the information about how the jars had been meant to relationship sealed.

One essential consider determining the worth of Atlas Mason jars is the date. Older jars are typically extra useful, however identifying an older jar could be difficult. Learn tips on how to spot one at antique outlets or in your personal assortment. Ball, the makers of Ball canning jars, supplies a historical past of some of the influential members of the Ball family and a timeline of the company. Those different forms of Ball jars aren’t discussed right here as they deserve in-depth articles of their own.

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Like some vintage canning jars, most, however not all, Atlas Mason jars even have dates on them. However, it isn’t all the time a good suggestion to depend on those dates, particularly if you’re a collector. Because there are a number of canning jars available in vintage shops, yard sales, and flea markets, it can be exhausting to seek out an original Atlas Mason jar. However, the method isn’t as exhausting as it could appear or sound. However, genuine Hazel-Atlas mason jars had the letter ‘H’ stamp on them with a capital letter ‘A’ resting just underneath.